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It’s time St Louis had the bus system we deserve

We depend every day on it, and yet we are still constantly left waiting.

The solutions are straightforward to us: more buses, more bus drivers, more bus shelters. Unfortunately, people running local governments and transit agencies rarely use transit themselves, meaning our real problems are misunderstood and ignored. For instance:

  • A further 10% service cut started Nov 29
  • Not enough good bus stops with shelters
  • Sidewalks to/from bus stops in terrible condition
  • Not enough bus drivers, meaning buses often don’t show up
  • Back-door boarding ended before it was safe to do so
  • Indoor waiting and warming areas closed for well over a year
  • Bus stops regularly being removed without notice
  • Metrolink turnstiles prioritized over bus service
  • Transit information only available 7am-6pm Mon-Fri

But working together, we can make ourselves impossible to ignore. Join us today, and be a part of our fight for a better bus system!

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Recent updates

A look at Metrobus frequencies

Having a frequent bus network is one of the best ways we can build and sustain transit usership. When a bus is frequent, missing a bus doesn’t mean a half-hour wait (or more) as punishment - it means knowing another bus is only a few minutes away. When transit is reliable, people are willing to use it more, and shift away from using a car.

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Submit Comment for Bi-State's next meeting

The next Bi-State Board of Commissioners meeting is Friday, December 10th @ 10am. This is a special session, likely in order to rubber-stamp a $52 million turnstile plan, while our bus system sees a substantial service cut.

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Bi-State Board of Commissioners meeting summary

Meeting info Friday, November 19, 2021 @ 8:30am Meeting minutes [PDF] Meeting recording [Bi-State’s Facebook] Quick summary 36 public comments submitted Due to “time constraints” the board chose to read none of them. Service cuts to 27 bus lines are still coming November 29 The $2000 starting bonus has helped fill ~45 bus driver roles so far We are still short >100 bus drivers Bi-State, local govs, and private orgs are exploring turnstiles on Metrolink The project would cost $52 million.

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Submit Comment for BSD's next meeting

The next Bi-State Board of Commissioners meeting is Friday, November 19 @ 8:30am. Your comments will be read to the board during their meeting. We strongly encourage you to ask Bi-State to improve starting pay and benefits for bus drivers, so that we can fill our steep operator shortage and reduce the amount of time riders will spend waiting at bus stops this winter.

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COVID fares are unfair

Why is the bus more expensive than before the pandemic?

As a safety measure near the beginning of the pandemic, the use of physical transfer slips was suspended. As a trade-off, Metro cut the price of a single bus ride in half to $1.

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